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South Korea and Innovation have gone hand-in-hand for decades. Starting with the electronics boom of the ’60s, the country has been the torch-bearer for technological advancement and providing creative digital solutions for the consumer market. South Korea has consistently ranked in the Top Ten lists of multiple Innovation Indices. This is because of their firm dedication to research and development, owing to their belief in technology and its capacity to help save and transform lives.

Proper healthcare has been historically tough to administer because of the many variables at play, not to mention that most of the time, we’re unaware of the kind of treatment we need or, indeed, whether we need to be treated in the first place!

Maybe we’ve tricked ourselves into thinking we’re sick; perhaps we’re just paranoid. Or maybe, just maybe, we haven’t been taking all the nutrients and vitamins that we should be for a healthy, vital body.

But how can we know what we’re missing? The answer comes from AlgoCare Labs.

Technology and Healthcare: A Match Made for You

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