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Alllink to show iPhone touch payment solution at CES2022

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Allink 댓글 0건 작성일 22-01-10 15:43


(Photo : At 'CES 2022', Alllink prepared an experience space in the exhibition hall where visitors could directly use iPhone touch payment and held a demonstration. )

- Compatible with NFC tag-based information delivery solution...
- Payment/accumulation/transportation/entry services are possible with just a touch without system replacement

Startup Alllink announced on the 7th that it was well-received by buyers around the world by introducing the iPhone touch payment function at CES 2022, the world's largest information technology and home appliance exhibition held last week in Las Vegas, USA.

The NFC tag-based information delivery solution developed by Alllink has the advantage of being able to use services such as payment/accumulation/transportation/entry with just one touch without replacing the existing system. In particular, it is explained that it has maximized convenience and security while significantly lowering costs by reflecting the customer's position.

The payment service has been applied to Mirae Asset Pay and commercialized by 7-Eleven in Korea.

They are receiving consumer comments such as "The fastest payment I've ever used", "Finally, the iPhone is also a touch payment!", "It's faster than the existing barcode or QR. NFC is the answer."

The company is proud that it has gained confidence in its B2B business in overseas markets, giving it meaning that it was able to promote its technological prowess abroad through this CES 2022.

Kim Kyung-dong, CEO of Alllink, said, “With the participation of CES 2022 as an opportunity, we plan to accelerate the expansion of the global market of Alllink solutions, which have been successfully verified by domestic users. There will be," he said confidently.

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