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[CES 2021] Coconut Silo to introduce one-stop logistics solution Coco …

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Coconut Silo 댓글 0건 작성일 21-01-08 15:55


Coconut Silo will participate in the Gyeonggi Contents Agency Pavilion in CES 2021, the world's largest technology exhibition, to showcase Coco Truck, its one-stop logistics solution.

Coco Truck is a logistics platform that successfully binds the logistics market into one. It connects the logistics company, cargo owners, and truck drivers to upgrade the logistics industry by increasing efficiency and trust.

The logistics market is still outdated, still using conventional communication methods like emails and phone calls to contact each other, which stuns the growth of the market. This causes truck drivers to waste their time on the road to get the orders that match their logistics means. Cargo owners also have a hard time finding the trucks and logistics companies that can fulfill their requests because of limited communication methods.

Coco Truck features a unique business model that efficiently connects the companies with third-party services and FMS (fleet management system). The app provides an automated quotation service to make the process of sending proposals easier. It also helps greatly reduce gas money with a smart consolidation system to enable the movement of multiple cargoes in a single transit process and a matchback algorithm to help drivers to get orders that are close to their garages when they are far away, thus saving time and gas money.

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