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Korean startup Coconut Silo co-founder and CEO Seungyong Kim’s childhood dream was to launch a startup. Inspired by IT innovations & the rise of the internet, Kim wanted to develop an idea to resolve the modern world’s issues. Kim’s dream materialized to reality when he and his co-founder formed Coconut Silo, a logistics tracking solution startup that spin off the Hyundai Motors’ H-Startup program.

Coconut Silo makes cross-border logistics smoother with tracking technology and no additional cost. The startup currently runs a truck-hailing platform in ASEAN countries and seeks market expansion to GCC (Gulf Corporation Council). Using Coconut Silo’s technology, clients can track their resources anytime, anywhere.

Seungyong Kim talks about his journey to becoming an entrepreneur and shares insights about business with

1. Please tell me about your background and what motivated you to get started with your company?

When I was about 9 years old, my father bought me a CD of Starcraft 1. It was a year beyond millennium; this CD evoked me to gain interest in both computers and IT. Interest was so huge that it made me search and analyze information on the internet. Then, I saw an article that Naver (kind of Google in Korea) is spinning off from Samsung SDS. Without any consideration, I suddenly dreamed of making an in-house startup from mega manufacturing companies like Hyundai and Samsung. I was 11. This dream made me keep interests and insights among IT, computers, and video games. And the time naturally passed.

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