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Korean startup Wayne Hills Ventures CEO Su Min Yi wants to help content creators create much richer content that reaches a global audience using his company’s AI-based technology. Yin founded Wayne Hill Ventures that converts text-based content to image and video format. Wayne Hill Ventures’ AI software will revolutionize the market for content makers, who won’t need complicated tools to create videos, believes Yi.

Su Min Yi spoke to in detail about his company, the product, and his belief in global growth.

1. Please tell me about your background and what motivated you to get started with your company?

While working in the content industry, people found a need to consume knowledge on video content such as YouTube. Instead of having a costly option, I wanted to save money and time by developing an SW that can analyze text with AI and automatically produce images. Our SW uses an AI algorithm to analyze text documents by paragraph and verse. Afterward, each keyword’s dictionary meaning is automatically analyzed and summarized in 1/10th, and the images and sounds are searched based on the summary. It is supplying software (SW) that automatically converts and produces contents that are searched.

2. Can you share details about your current main product?

Wayne Hills ventures is a third-year domestic digital content IT startup, and its source technology, “Parsing,” is an algorithm that extracts text-based planned manuscripts and overall contents of books and dictionary meanings of words and analyzes synonyms, related words, and significant words to automatically convert/produce them into digital video contents. It is currently building a digital live book service that provides a book with about 20 minutes of video content using the technology.

3. How is your product resolving a problem in the market? What is the market opportunity for your startup?

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