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Waynehills Ventures 댓글 0건 작성일 21-10-20 16:08


WayneHills Ventures (CEO Lee Su-min) participated in Try Everything 2021 held at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul from Sep. 15 (Wed) to 17 (Fri).

Founded in 2019, WayneHills Ventures is an AG (Artificial General Intelligence) software company that helps the general public to automatically convert text data into video content using AI algorithms freely.

A company staff from WayneHills Ventures said, “Our company discovered the global trends showing rapid growth in the digital content market while the print and book markets are going low, and developed our AI automatic video production software WayneHills A.I to solve the fatigue of consumers about reading text information.”

He added, “Companies spend hundreds of billions of won every year to make printouts, but by using our services, we can reduce wasted print and create and provide content that is intuitive and easily accessible to consumers.”

The major feature of WayneHills Ventures service is the ability to summarize text data of 300 pages or more into 300 words of core sentences and keywords by using NLP and machine learning technology. The matching feature is merging and calculating image, video, sound source, and keyword into one video content.

Also, it is equipped with an editing function to allow customizing and editing of images or additional text owned by customers (video producers), and is automatically distributed to social media like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram so that it can be used for publicity and advertising purposes.

There is no need for an existing art director or designer to produce a video using a video production tool or to design and produce video content directly by an AI algorithm. Therefore, as long as the customer has only text material, it will be possible to produce trendy and interesting video contents using only 1/10 of the time or cost to produce artwork.

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