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WayneHills Ventures to unveil video production service Wayne Hills AI …

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Waynehills Ventures 댓글 0건 작성일 21-01-07 16:10


WayneHills Ventures will participate in the Seoul Pavilion in CES 2021, the world’s largest technology exhibition, to showcase AI Video Converter, the AI service that automatically produces text into video service.

WayneHills Ventures provides AI Video Converter, an AI service that automatically produces text into video. 80% automation, 20% customization: It provides a customization function for improving customer satisfaction and managing video content quality. Users can edit their own images, sound sources, and video clips as desired by inserting them.

The company staff said, “If you use our products for processing a myriad of texts such as publishing, you can quickly and easily produce videos at an economical cost. Based on AI and cloud database, we are preoccupying the market advantage in the current market in that it takes only three to five days to distribute due to 1/10 of price competitiveness compared to competitors and automatic video conversion.”

He then said, “We plan to expand our global vision business not only in Korea, but also in countries around the world including the US.”

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