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Photo : A virtual news announcer, made with KLleon's AI technology.

In the world of digital content, videos are creating the maximum impact, take for e.g., platforms like YouTube, Facebook/Instagram Reels or TikTok’s popularity. The emergence of virtual reality is also rapidly increasing the demand for new types of video content, but the pace of technology evolution has yet to meet market demand. Creating videos is not an easy task, so Korean startup KLleon has developed a deep learning technology that makes creating videos easier and fun.

The ‘deep learning technology developed by KLleon is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based face/voice synthesis and transformation technology. KLleon developed four techniques to change and improve the characters for video generation. Its technology includes detailed functions like M2M face & voice swap, virtual face generation, Voice-lip sync., 2D to 3D, etc.
Compared to the existing synthesis/conversion technology, KLleon’s technology is characterized as’ lightweight.’ Users can create videos using only pictures and using KLeon’s technology. Video Conversion is possible with only one picture of the user and 30 seconds of voice data. Users can also change the face of an already created video to their virtual face or combine multiple faces. The Voice Interpretation (STS) technology can also make it possible to use other people’s voices or to convert Korean into foreign languages ​​such as English and Chinese. KLleon is working on developing more technologies that include Real-time body shape conversion, GPU computation optimization, etc

Established in 2018, KLleon wants to be a leading culture content AI company with interests in SaaS solutions and mobile SNS platforms. The company has two services, B2B SaaS solutions and a B2C mobile platform ‘KAMELO.’ KLleon’s SaaS solution KL Tech is being used by various businesses like media companies, advertisers, educational companies, small entertainment businesses, broadcasters, filmmakers, etc. and is acquiring a positive response.

KAMELO is a consumer-driven mobile SNS platform that allows users to produce, share, and enjoy interesting videos themselves. The company wants to expand in the future with strategic partnerships with companies in online solutions like chatbot techs and in the B2C sector through influencers, etc. KLleon had received its seed investment from Bluepoint partner and pre-A investment from Kakao investment.

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