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How the entertainment industry was able to survive in the era of COVID…

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How the entertainment industry was able to survive in the era of COVID-19, Fandustry.

Do you know the neologism “Fandustry?” “Fandustry” is a new word that combines “Fan” and “Industry” and was born in Korea, where the fan culture is a huge deal.

How is the size of the fan culture gradually increasing with no concerts or no fan meet-up events? In a situation where social distancing is being strengthened around the world, fans are continuing their ‘fan stuff during the pandemic’ through non-face-to-face fan meet-up events and concerts as well as a platform where they can communicate with their ‘favorite.’

# Communication is possible regardless of the time and country, on mobile.

Fans living abroad says “I like it better,” video call Fan meetings and online concerts
NCT’s online concert(left, source: SM entertainment)과 FaceTime Fan Signing Event (right, source: written on the photos)

Due to COVID-19, concerts have become a dreamlike fantasy. For a while, it seemed like it would never be the same as the time when many people gathered in one place and cheered for artists.

In addition to the fact that online concerts transcend space and are free from awfully competitive ticketing, they are emerging as a new business model in the COVID-19 era. It has been found to be more cost-effectiveness compared to previous offline concerts. According to the Kyobo Securities Research Center, BTS's offline concert 'Speak Yourself: The Final' achieved 13.2 billion Korean won in revenue, while the online non-face-to-face concert in 2020 achieved ticket revenue of 54.1 billion won, and the number of visitors has increased more than 6 times. Fan meetings are also conducted online, and you can have one-on-one conversations with artists through video calls. The so-called ‘Facetime fan singing event’ is done as followed. The artist puts his/her signature while on a video call and sending it by post afterwards. Such event is expected to be continued even after the pandemic is over, because it allows fans who were physically not possible to attend in-person fan meetings.

Fan community platform for ‘private messages’ with my favorite artist
NCsoft’s ‘Universe’(left), DearYou’s ‘Bubble’(right)

Have you ever imagined an era where you can have one-on-one conversations with artists? It used to be common for artists to communicate one-on-one with fans using the ‘live’ chat function of multiple platforms, but these days, fans enjoy communicating as if having a one-on-one conversation with the artist through the fan community platform app.

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