Ultra-wide 3D Depth Camerawith Human Field-of-View

ArgosVision Introduction

ArgosVision is developing an ultra-wide 3D depth camera which has human-like field of view. The wide FOV is an essential element to make robots and other systems intelligent. ArgosVision succeeded in expanding the FOV of an 3D depth camera to 270° horizontally and 160° vertically. The camera will be applied to smart robots and used as autonomous driving sensors and as Human-Robot Interaction sensors. In the future, it will expand the scope of its use to smart factories, smart logistics, smart mobility, and smart cities. ArgosVision is established by researchers of the Center for Integrated Smart Sensors (CISS).

Product Introduction


ArgosVue is an ultra-wide 3D depth camera that envisions the landscape as extensively as human eyes in 3D. As ArgosVue can see the whole entirety of a human being, both full height and spreaded arms at a close distance, even within a half meter, it will lie in the very core of autonomous navigation, and the ever developing intelligent HMI(Human-Machine Interaction), in the field of smart robots and beyond.


Ultra-wide Imaging

How is this possible? First of all, in the field of wide-imaging fisheye lenses are used to successfully capture a wide scope of view, but is initially captured in a distorted manner.

Ultra-wide Stereo Matching

Then there’s a technique called spherical stereo matching that processes the gathered visual and depth information and converts it into useful image. The wider the angle, the more difficult and time consuming it is to perform the task. With our patented algorithm, we can boost the speed and quality to a skyrocketing level.

Vertical Stereo Camera

Earlier I said the human eyes can detect about 200 degrees horizontally. Our eyes can detect the RGB part to the 200 degrees, but are only able to sense depth information to only about 120 degrees. This is because our set of eyes are placed horizontally, that leaves such limits. It’s ok, though because we can turn our faces and are able to process the visual information at the speed of light. Not so much for cameras. For this reason, we lined up our lenses in vertical manner to secure a wider horizon of depth map

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