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KLleon is a tech culture startup that leads the cultural industry by deep learning generation technology. KLleon has a technology named 'Deep Human' that can convert or generate the face and voice of a person in a video close to real-time with a single face image and 30 seconds of voice data. Based 'Deep Human' technology, KLleon has developed one service and 2 products that video sharing social media platform 'KAMELO', User-custom Virtual AI Chat Bot 'KLone' and automatic dubbing solution 'KLling'

Service/ Product Introduction


KAMELO is a video-sharing social media. On KAMELO, one-click is all it takes to create a video without any extra filming. The users can create their own creative videos with the use of “Deep Human” technology where the face and the voice of the person in the video can be changed with just one photo and 30 seconds of voice data. Various technologies that enable the users to swap the face and voice, try makeup and future updates will bring technologies that will enable the users to change the background.

KLone is an User-custom Virtual AI Chat Bot that could change virtual human's face and voice.

KLone is a user-custom virtual AI chatbot where the users can video chat with their own created virtual character. KLleon’s Deep Human technology is utilized to enable anybody to create their tailored virtual chatbot quickly with little data. KLone lets you create a virtual character that fits your preference that you could select the occupation, hairstyle, gender, body type of the character you want to create. KLone can be a secretary introducing your company, representative in charge of CS or your personal tutor.

KLling is an automatic dubbing solution that dubs the video with original actor's voice

KLling is an automatic dubbing solution that dubs the original languages of the video with Korea, Japanese, Chinese, and English. KLling creates the voice in the user’s native language and syncs the character's lips in the video while keeping how the voice sounds. KLling can significantly reduce the time and cost that take for translating foreign content in many fields that include video content such as game, movie, social media, news, etc. KLling will break the language barrier.

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